Lethal Arm Blades


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45 minutes, NTSC

This in-depth video covers the basic postures, blocks, strikes, self-defense techniques, and kata for the arm blades, a unique style of sword that rests along the forearm and has a blade on one end and a hook on the other. The information within is an ideal reference for review, rank testing, competition, and self-defense. 
Weapon basics 
Basic blocks 
Basic strikes 
Free-style self-defense techniques 
Boxing techniques 
Lethal Arm Blades is a style recognized by the SKKA Martial Arts Association and the World Martial Arts Federation.  
Grandmaster Michael A. Stelzer holds several advanced ranks (10th Dan and above) in various styles of martial arts. Additionally, he holds three doctoral of science degrees and is a certified professional wrestler.  
Martial arts instructional DVD /2015/Approximately 45 minutes.















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