Short stick Fighting: Self-defense techniques with the short and mini stick


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60 minutes, NTSC

Learn effective self-defense techniques using the single and double short (8” - 12”) sticks (a.k.a. Dan Bong, Tahn Bong, or Short Tambo) and the mini (4” - 6”) stick (a.k.a. Dulo-Dulo, Palm stick, Pocket Stick, or Mini Stick). This instructional video is an ideal teaching aid for review, rank testing, competition, and self-defense. 
Weapon descriptions 
Angles of attack 
Alternate grips & strikes 
Choking techniques 
Defenses against punches & kicks 
Defenses against chokes 
Double short stick fighting 
Using the short stick with other weapons 
Mini stick fighting techniques 
Grandmaster Michael A. Stelzer holds several advanced ranks (10th Dan and above) in various styles of martial arts. Additionally, he holds three doctoral of science degrees and is a certified professional wrestler. 
Martial arts instructional DVD /2015/Approximately 60 minutes.














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