You can earn rank in the martial arts up to the black belt and grandmaster level (in some styles) or earn certification in the boxing, kickboxing, individual weapon, ninjutsu weapons, and performance arts. Just film yourself performing the techniques and/or katas and send them in for review.

   You can learn and earn certification at your own pace, as there are no minimum or maximum time in rank requirements.

   Should a re-test be necessary, the re-test fees are waived. But, it is recommended that you do not rush through the program. Take your time and only film a test video when you are sure that you are ready for promotion.

   It is recommended that your first video sent for review is the black belt or certification level video. Although individual testing for the beginner to advanced levels is available, it is generally more expensive than submitting a single video for review.


You can submit a video for review by one of two methods:


#1 (preferred)

Mail in a certification test on DVD along with a personal check or money order for testing fees.





Upload your video to youtube or dropbox, and send in the testing fees by paypal.


Weapon certifications:


Kobudo weapons:

Bo staff, Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Hoe, Oar, Primitive, Hanbo, Nunti bo, Shield, Tambo, Tekko, and Tinbe & rochin.


Ninjutsu weapons:

Hanbo, Knife, Kusari fundo, Shuriken, Teppan, Bo staff, Shuko & ashiko, Tekko, Sai, Kama, Kyoketsu Shoge, and Metsubshi.


Kung Fu weapons:

Fan, Cane, Spade, Bull whip, Chain whip, Meteor hammer, Straight sword, Broadswords, and Spear.


Other weapons:

Cane, Short stick, Knife, Kris sword, Arm blades, and Staff & Stick.


Black belt Certifications:


Black belt styles:

Exotic Weapon Kung Fu (demonstrate proficiency on 5 of the 9 listed weapons)


Master styles:

Okinawan Goju Ryu (earn up to the 5th Dan Black belt)


Grandmaster styles:

TaeKwonDo, Tang Soo Do, Kobudo, and Katana do


Note: Rank Certificates for these styles can be signed by the primary instructor (myself), or for an additional $25, can also be endorsed by the international sajado organization.


Additional Certifications:

Boxing, Kickboxing, Juggling, Ventriloquism, Balloon Sculpture, Basic Lock Picking, and Knot tying.




Weapon Certification:


Individual Weapon Certification


Ninjutsu Weapons Certification


Black belt Certifications:


9th – 1st Kyu

$20.00 each(if ranked individually)

1st Dan


2nd Dan


3rd Dan


4th Dan


5th Dan


6th Dan


7th Dan


8th Dan


9th Dan


Additional Certifications:


Boxing Certification


Kickboxing Certification


Juggling Certificate


Ventriloquism Certificate


Balloon Sculpture Certificate


Basic Lock picking Certificate


Knot Tying Diploma